Instructional media can be "played back" on any technology platform designated as AIMS Ready. A technology device that can be identified as AIMS Ready is a device that can interpret the AIMS XML data and present the step-by-step prompting information to the end user. Technology Developers must build their systems in accordance with the AIMS XML Specification, which details the specific set of capabilities that must be provided to be able to label their system as AIMS Ready. The objective is to provide an identification scheme for prompting systems whereby Content Users can be assured that a device labeled as AIMS Ready will be able to playback any and all AIMS content that they have developed or purchased. Initially, players are available for Windows based computers, Tablet PCs, and Pocket PCs. Other computing platforms like Macintosh, Linux, Unix, Palm, BeOS are all feasible mediums; and even more special purpose platforms, such as an Xbox or Playstation, could potentially be used to play back content.

If you have an "AIMS Ready" player, you can create instructional content for use with the player by using AIMS Task Builder. AIMS Task Builder is the application - provided by AbleLink Technologies free of charge - designed to create, control, and place each of these media or task elements for playback in any AIMS compliant desktop, Tablet or handheld PC player. Elements may include custom images and symbols, custom audio prompts, custom audio feedback, video clips, custom text strings, an unlimited number of steps, decision points, multiple modes of play, and custom timing to move from one step to the next. AIMS Task Builder is designed for the creation of instructional media for specific individuals, and is available to any registered AIMS Content User or Technology Developer wishing to create instructional media for use in any AIMS compliant player.

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"AIMS Ready" players are currently available for Desktop, Palmtop, and Tablet PC platforms. Click the appropriate link below to find "AIMS Ready" players for a particular platform.

Image of a Desktop computer.Desktop

Image of a Palmtop computer.Palmtop

Image of a Tablet PC.Tablet PC