The Coleman Institute was founded in 2001 by a generous gift to the University of Colorado System from William and Claudia Coleman. Their mission is to catalyze and integrate advances in science, engineering, and technology to promote the quality of life and independent living of people with cognitive disabilities. The Institute is actively engaged in supporting research, development, dissemination, and education in cognitive disabilities on the four campuses of The University of Colorado System in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver. The Coleman Institute is committed to providing scientific, technological, and public policy leadership to strengthen the voice of persons with cognitive disabilities and their families in our society. In October 2004 NIDRR director Steven Tingus announced that CU had received a grant from NIDRR to establish the first Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Cognitive Technologies. The Coleman Institute is providing an additional support for this ground-breaking center.

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AT Sciences, is dedicated to matching people with appropriate assistive technologies to meet their needs, as well as developing innovative assistive technologies for the unmet needs of people with disabilities.
The Center for Lifelong Learning and Design (L3D) is part of the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Their mission is to establish the scientific foundations for the construction of intelligent systems that serve as amplifiers of human capabilities.