Content Developers are individuals or organizations interested in creating reusable instructional content. Instructional content created for re-use may represent common tasks which many different end users must learn. For example, a multi-state organization serving individuals with disabilities may have a set of training tasks created for how to fill out a time card correctly or to "punch in" at work. AIMS Task Builder is the application used to create, control, and place each task element for playback in any AIMS compliant player device. Once created these tasks can be used over and over again on a desktop or palmtop computer as new individuals join the agency. Content Developers also include organizations that have created instructional content which is offered for sale.

AIMS Task Builder is the application - provided by AbleLink Technologies free of charge - designed to create tasks which can be used with AIMS compliant desktop, tablet, or handheld PC player. Elements may include custom images and symbols, custom audio prompts, custom audio feedback, video clips, custom text strings, an unlimited number of steps, decision points, multiple modes of play, and custom timing to move from one step to the next. AIMS Task Builder is designed for the creation of instructional media for specific individuals, and is available to anyone wishing to create instructional media for use in AIMS compliant players. AIMS Task Builder is also available at no charge to companies and organizations who want to create pre-built instructional media for resale.

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Task Builder -Freely available application for building AIMS compliant instructional content.

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