Technology Developers are individuals and organizations that are responsible for developing new AIMS compliant technology devices. These AIMS compliant, or AIMS Ready, devices are generally software applications operating on a desktop, notebook, tablet, or handheld computer that provide the interface for playing back instructional tasks. Technology Developers can build devices that can use, import or export AIMS content to provide more options to Content Users regarding the playback of content or to make players available on platforms which previously were not supported.

Registration Form -AIMS application form and membership agreement (required to become an AIMS Technology Developer). Once completed fax to (719) 592-0348.

Task Builder -Application for creating AIMS compliant content.

Royalty Free License Agreement -License for use of AIMS related information and AIMS content.

Technologies -Information on existing "AIMS Ready" players.

Contact -Find other AIMS Technology Developers.

Background -Learn about the history leading to the development of AIMS.

Developers can join the AIMS effort and gain access to the detailed AIMS XML specification by completing a member agreement and agreeing to the requirements of membership. Once completed the application form should be faxed to AbleLink at (719) 592-0348. There is no cost to an organization wishing to become an authorized AIMS Technology Developer.
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