Researchers at AbleLink Technologies have created an XML-based protocol for describing instructional media that creates a common “language” for prompting systems which can facilitate sharing of instructional content across organizations and across technology platforms. The AIMS protocol provides a common language for prompting technologies used to present the instructional prompts so that instructional content can be created once and then played on multiple systems and platforms and easily shared with other individuals or organizations. Just like a JPEG is a standardized image format and MP3 is a standardized audio file format, AIMS provides a standardized file format for “instructional media.” To view the AIMS Conceptual Overview document, click here.

The AIMS community is made up of several different groups of users that are using the AIMS standard to create or use sharable instructional media and prompting systems. Select a link below to learn more about the AIMS community of users.

"" Content User

""Content Developer

""Technology Developer

The AIMS Library of instructional media is a free source for instructional media created in accordance with AIMS standards so that developers and users alike can download and view and use content that others have created. This project is being conducted by AbleLink Technologies in collaboration with the Beach Center on Disability at the University of Kansas and the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities through the University of Colorado's Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Advancing Cognitive Technologies. All uploaded tasks are checked for compatibility to the AIMS guidelines and appropriateness before they are made available online. Click here to go to the AIMS Library.